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  • Freedom to live a fulfilling & flourishing life!


    Even the strongest people need help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems. Everyone has hurdles to overcome, and I would love to help you along the way.

    Here at Freedom-Focused Counseling, LLC, I realize that no two people are the same, and I tailor my therapy to meet your specific needs. Through counseling, together we can cultivate a therapeutic relationship where you can understand the things that are holding you back through a targeted, person-centered, freedom-focused approach.

    Initially, you may be hesitant to seek out support. But when you do, you will feel confident that you took the courageous first step toward Freedom-Focused living.

    “Your future self is awaiting your freedom today!”

    My practice specializes in helping people who are struggling with anger, anxiety, adjustments/transition issues, marital, pre-marital, separation/divorce, trauma, self-esteem, intimate partner violence, and depression.

    If you are trying to navigate these areas of life, I’m confident that I have the services and resources to help you manage these challenges more efficiently, effectively, and confidently!

    Freedom-Focused Counseling, LLC

    Mission: To provide quality, targeted, person-centered care that fosters the development and sustainment of healthy relationships. 

    Vision: To enhance emotional wellness and promote positive social change in the lives of individuals, couples, and families through freedom-focused counseling.  

    Take the first step toward Freedom-Focused living, I’d love to work with you. Contact me today!

    About Mauranda Jones, LCSW, BC-TMH, BCD

    I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), licensed in Virginia and North Carolina, Board Certified Telemental Health Provider (BC-TMH), and Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (BCD). I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Lindenwood University and a Master of Arts in Social Work from Saint Louis University. I’m currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Human and Social Services, specializing in Military Families and Culture at Walden University.

    I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and am an Air Force spouse. I have professional experience in working with individuals, couples, and groups, utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to therapy to assist clients in addressing and resolving life’s challenges. My desire is to support clients in moving forward with the freedom to manage stressors that once had them emotionally bound.

    I aim to use my passion for service to assist clients in navigating the challenges, transitions, and triumphs of life. I believe that therapy is an opportunity to reflect, reframe, and resolve issues. It’s my goal to partner with you toward Freedom-Focused living!